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Now U.S. Federal Agencies can procure OPES' services through the online shopping and ordering system GSA Advantage®


Now U.S. Federal Agencies can procure OPES' services through the online shopping and ordering system GSA Advantage®.


Contract Period: July 8, 2005 to July 7, 2010


Services by Special Item Numbers (SINs)

SIN 899-2 Environmental Compliance Services

SIN 899-8 Remediation Services

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SIN 899-2 Environmental Compliance Services

OPES has prepared Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for storage tanks containing crude oil as well as refined product. OPES has also prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3) for industrial facilities. OPES has prepared permits to perform lead based paint abatement, filed permits for building demolition, filed discharge permits to dispose of treated water from groundwater remediation systems, and helped prepare an air quality permit for an industrial facility. OPES has evaluated above ground storage tanks for compliance with regulations developed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and recommended upgrades to meet those requirements. OPES has filed public notifications for activities at sites impacted with hydrocarbons prior to implementation of a remediation system or closure of the site.

  • Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Storage Tank Management
  • Lead-Based Paint Audits
  • Corrective/Remedial Action Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • NPDES Permitting
    • Title V Air Permits
    • Construction & Operating Permits
    • SPCC Plans
    • Contingency Plans
    • Pollution Prevention Plans
    • SARA Title III Community Right-to-Know
    • HAZCOM
    • Tier II Reporting
    • TRI Reporting
  • Emissions Inventory for Oil & Gas facilities


SIN 899-8 Remediation Services

OPES has removed USTs and ASTs at numerous sites throughout Oklahoma. OPES has conducted subsurface investigations on over 40 sites impacted with hydrocarbons. Most of those sites were closed through either remediation or through a Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA). Many of these sites underwent long term monitoring to assess natural attenuation. OPES is also involved in groundwater monitoring activities at Tinker AFB which has over 1200 groundwater monitoring wells. OPES personnel has conducted remediation using various technologies including:

  • Pneumatic skimmer pumps to remove free product.
  • Air sparge.
  • Soil vapor extraction.
  • Groundwater treatment using air strippers and activated carbon.
  • Emergency Sill Response & Hazard Mitigation
  • Phase I, II, & III Environmental Assessment
  • Lead-Based Paint Abatement
  • Risk-Based Assessments
  • Design, Implementation, Operation, & Maintenance of Site Remediation Systems
  • Pump & Treat Systems
  • UST Closure-in-Place
  • Site Remediation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Sampling & Analysis
    • Soil
    • Sludge
    • Groundwater
  • Drilling Services
    • Environmental
    • Geotechnical
    • Water – Wells
    • Mineral Exploration
    • Cathodic Protections
    • Sediment Sampling
  • Excavation
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